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Jean-Guy Lecat

Officier des Arts et des Lettres

In 1965, after having been a fitter model maker, then draughtsman, in Thomson-Houston’s factories, J.G. Lecat completed 6 months of training at the Television Studios Les Buttes Chaumont.

In 1966, he left the factory and became stage manager in Festival du Marais and in Théâtre du Vieux Colombier.

He met Claude Perset, set designer and theatre-architect and became his assistant; they drew several set, theatres and festival’s spaces, amongst them the famous Théâtre d’Orsay (Théâtre du Rond Point today).

From this date he practiced at same time, every technical and artistic job in theatre including being an actor. He took part in more than 100 productions for many directors as : J. L. Barrault, R. Blin, J. M. Serreau (Opening Cartoucherie de Vincennes), Living Theatre, La MaMa ETC….

He also works with several other architects, from the beginning of his theatre carrier as he always keeps at same time a foot on architecture and the other one on theatre stage.

From 1976 to 2000 technical director and set/space designer for Peter Brook Jean-Guy Lecat was charged by particularly with research, the transformation or creation of more than 200 spaces throughout the world. Some of them are still kept as : Harvey-Majestic Theatre and La MaMa in New York, The tramway in Glasgow, The Gaswaerk in Copenhagen, The Mercat de les Flore in Barcelona, Boulbon quarry in Avignon, Nationnal Theatre in Strasburg, Bockenhaimer depot in Frankfurt etc…

A book that tells his work with P. Brook around the world is published : The Open Circle” A. Todd J.G. Lecat Faber and Faber London, Palgrave Macmillan Ltd. New York. “El Circulo Abierto”Alba editorial, s.l.u. Barcelona.

He left Peter Brook Company in 2000. From that time he did :

As Theatre-Consultant at the side of architects, he takes part in creation

or transformation of :

- Polonsky Shakespeare Center-Theatre for TFANA - architect Frank O. Gehry and Hug Hardy in New York.

- Project for the new « The Other Space Theatre / Royal Shakespeare Company».

- “Teatro Azul de Almada” architects M. G. Dias and partners in Lisbon.

- Program for the transformation of “Teatro Trindade” in Lisbon.

- Théâtre Ouvert” new space, architect Andrew Todd in Paris.

- “Tindved” an old factory turn to theatre spaces and theatres school’ in Verdale Norway.

- “Naves del Antiguo Matadero” slaughter house turn to theatre in Madrid.

- “The New Young Vic” architect Steve Tompkins in London. (Winner of the RIBA London building of the year Award).

- “The Roundhouse” transformation of an old train depot to a theatre architects J. McAslan and Partners in London.

- “The Unicorn Theatre” in London.

- “The Abbey Theatre” architects John Keogan in Dublin.

- “The Empty Space" new small theatre in Dublin.

- Construction of a “Street Theatre Space” for a Theatre Portuguese company, opening in 2005.

- “Les 3 Baudets” architect Anthony Béchu in Paris.

- Fitting out for “Alvin Ailey” dance festival (Les Etés de la Danse) inside of a 17th century building (Soubise–Rohan) in Paris.

- “El Funaro-Teatro Blue” Transformation of an old 17th century carpentry into a theatre in Pistoia Italy.

- In last PQ07, construction of a temporary theatre in cardboard-boxes and fiberglass over scaffolding Prague.

- Project for transforming theatre in St Petersburg.

- Project to transform an old building 17th century to opera school in Moscow

- Transformation of the Mercat de les Flores in Barcelona to a dance theatre. Adding a new room, new main room, new dressing room, and new proportions.

- Program to transform ArCub Theatre, and program to transform an old Caravanserai in Bucharest.

- Restoration transformation and construction of « Hanul Gabroveni » to a cultural Center in Bucharest

- Project on a theatre under construction in Granada for G. Lorca foundation. Advise to the client and to architects about everything who cannot works.

- Project of building small theater in Singapore with students from 3 universities.

As set designer :

- “Dom Juan” by Molière directed by M. Benichou..

- “The Preceptor” by J.M.R Lenz directed by W; Mehring.

- “Ballets by Serge Keuten.

- “Himalaya ballet", lighting - Ballet directed by R. Tremblay.

- "L'Iliade" by Homer with Kathakali Company directed by R. Tremblay in Singapore.

- "Der Theatermacher (O Fazedor de Teatro), by T. Bernhard, director J.Benite. (Best play of the year in Portugal).

- “Othello by W. Shakespeare, directed by J. Benite (Best play of the year in Portugal).

- “Titus Andronicus by W. Shakespeare, directed by S. Cartmell. (Winner of the best play of the year in Dublin).
- “Quarto Minguante” by R. Francisco directed by J. Benite.

- “Macbeth” by W. Shakespeare, director S. Cartmell.

- “Timon of Athens by Shakespeare/F.Sena, directed by J. Benite.

- “Carmen” opera by G. Bizet director A. Bourseillé.

- “Woyzeck” opera by A. Berg, Director A. Bourseillé.

- “L’Amour Sorcier” by M. de Falla directed by A. Bourseiller

- “Vienna Waltz” opera by Offenbach.

- “Teresa” opera by Marius Constant, directed by M. Constant.

- "O Doido e a Morte" Opera by R. Brandäo, directed by J. Benite.

- “Mahagonny” opera by B. Brecht and K. Weihl directed by M. Gas. ((Won the MAX Award - Best

Musical Show of the year in Spain)

- “Tre Intermezzi" opera by Cimarosa-Capua-Cherubini, Directed by S. Mazzonis di Palafera.

- “Le Mariage secret” opera by Cimarosa Directed S. Mazzonis di Palafera.

- “The Clemens of Titus” opera by W.A. Mozart. Directed J. Benite.

- “Il Barbieri de Seviglia” opera by Rossini directed by S. Mazzonis di Pralafera.

- “Tchin Tchin” by F. Billetdoux

- "The Mother " by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Joaquim Benite

- "Tuning" by Rodrigo Francisco, Directed by J. Benite.

- " Rita et Il Campagnelo" by Donizzetti, directed by S. Mazzonis di Pralafera.

- " Brazil" by Natália Luíza e Melânia Ramos and directed by Miguel Seabra.

- « Before Breakfast and Hughie » by E. O’Neill directed by J. Benite.

- “L’EquivocoExtravagante” by Rossini. Directed by S. Mazzonis di Palafera.

- « Cymbeline » by W. Shakespeare directed by Noah Brody and Ben Steinfeld.

- « Baba Jaga je snijela jaje » by Dubravka Ugresic directed by Ivica BuljanTransformation of an Adriatic beach to a spa.

- « Comedia y Sueno » by F.G. Lorca directed by J. C. Corazza.

- « Orquesta club Virginia» by M. Ibora directed by him and Mario Gas.

- « L’Inimico delle done » opera by Galupi directed by S. Mazzonis di Pralafera.

- « Le viol de Lucrèce » by B. Britten directed by A. Arbust.

- « A rainha louca » Opera by A. Delgado directed by J. Benite.

- “ Manon” by J. Massenet directed by S. Mazzonis di Pralafera.

- “Guillaume tell” by A. Grétry directed by S. Mazzonis di Pralafera.

-“ “Cais Oeste“ by B. M. Koltès directed by Ivica Buljan

- “ Oos Ceus” by O. Von Horvàth directed by R; Francisco

- “Timon d’Athenes” “ W. Shakespeare directed by J. Benite-R; Francisco.

- “Gazzetta” by Rossini directed by S. Mazzonis di Pralafera.

- “Mocan Rod” (Der Starke Stamm) by M. L. Fleisser directed by I. Buljan.

As set and costume designer :

- “The Caucasian chalk Circle” by B. Brecht, director Oriol Broggi.

- « Antigone » by J.Anouilh 2 sets in paper in two different theatres.

- « La tempest » by W. Shakespeare directed by G. Weber.

As set, costume and light designer :

- “Miss July” by A. Strindberg, director J.C. Corazza

- “The Longer Kiss”, by J. Halle, director L. Vik

- “Collected Stories” (Vidas Publicadas) by D. Margulies directed by M. Haufrecht

- “Mary’s Story” by Brassaï, directed by M. Bénichou.

- Teatrofocus company” Play by M. Trigo and directed by Mario Trigo.

- “La Périchole” opera by Offenbach, director A. Bourseillé.

- “Et-Puis-nous-passions-le-pantalons-Français” by Quelques unes d’entre nous, directed by P. Boulay.

- " Paula Spencer" La femme qui se cognait dans les portes by é.

- "O Vendedor de Elogios" by Michel Simonot directed by Michel Simonot.

- "Uma Visita Inoportuna" by Copi, directed by Philippe Boulay.

- «Georges Dandin » by Molière directed by P. Boulay.

As director and set and costume designer :

“ ”Oedipus” by Sophocles. directed by Jean-Guy Lecat

  • Midsummer night dream” directed by Jean-Guy Lecat

Set for Television

- Quarto Mingu ante

- O Doido e a Morte

- Mozart/Salieri

- Concurrently as, he began to share his experiments and discoveries by organizing a workshop every two months somewhere in the world. These workshops about space are open to young professionals or students, directors, architects, set designers and light designer.

Since 1965, J.G. LECAT has been: stage manager, machinist, flying machinist, props man, set constructor, set designer, photographer, scenic painter, lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer, technical director, theatre-consultant for : J.Vilar, (Avignon Festival), J.M.Serreau (opening the Cartoucherie de Vincennes), A.Bourseiller, M.Guillaud, L.Attoun, G. and L.Wilson, G.Retoré, Jean Deschamps, W.Merhing’s Théâtre de la Mandragore , B.Jenny’s Théâtre du Vieux Colombier, J.Lavelli, C.Dasté, J.Seiler, A.Vitez, Jérôme Deschamps, J.L.Thamin, M.Constant, G.Garran, P.L.Pitzi, F.Marthouret, M.Benichou, S. Lorenzi, W. Litch, R.Forman, J.Savari’s Magic Circus, Copi, J.Szajna, Tom O’Horgan, C.Carlson, O.Krejca, G.Marini, T.Kantor, K.M.Gruber, D.Warner, D.Donnellan, J. Benite (Lisbonne), L.Ronconi, J.P.Vincent, T.Suzuki, A.Serban, P.Boulez, La MaMa of New York, J. Beck and The Living Theatre, S.Becket, J.L.Barrault, R.Blin, I.Bulja ………and P.Brook.


The Cloister of Carmes, the Boulbon’s and Les Taillades’s Quarry in Avignon;Théâtre d’Orsay in Paris; Warehouses Lainé in Bordeaux ; BAM Majestic Harvey, La MaMa Theatre and Beaumont Theatre Lincoln Centre in New York; The Tram (tramway) in Glasgow; Teatro Azul in Lisbon, Mercat de les Flores in Barcelona; Covento do Beato in Lisbon; Gasvaerk in Copenhagen (Gas Container); Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt; The Petroupolis Quarryin Athens; Antsey Hill Quarry in Perth and Boya Quarry in Adelaide-Australia;Odeon Theatre in Pompeii, Anfiteatro Romano in Calgary-Sardinia; King Palace in Rabat Morocco; The National Theatre in Strasbourg; Festivals : Paris (Festival of Marais), Carcassonne, Berlin, Vienna, Roma, Beograd, Venice, Gordes, Angers, Amsterdam, La Baule , Avignon, Montpellier, les Etés de la Danse Paris ……….. (about 200 spaces around the world for Peter Brook ).

BIOGRAPHY 1966/2014
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