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Publié par Jean-Guy Lecat

For the last PQ07 in Prague with my friends Sean and Ian I built for the SCENOFEST section, a theatre with scaffolding and cardboard boxes fill with fibreglass. The idea was to be the cheapest as possible (the company gave the fibreglass and the box for free as they could have back two weeks later) and to show that the theatre architecture could be nice and simple.

Four years before the theatre built was very traditional black box, maid with cheap black curtains and it looked terrible, bad and depressing.
But the same boring idea came back when we tell all the students company that they will have to play in a "cardboard-box" box. They all ask if they could hang black curtains in it (of course! No imagination!). But no one did it, when they saw the place finish. So maybe, by building that we teach some thing.



Scenofest Teatre :

L : 19,00m x l : 15,00m x  h : 7,00m


Materials need it

-         Structures of the space : tubes or standard scaffoldings

-         3 galleries around stage : 0,80m – 2,90m – 5, 10m

-         3 galleries around the audience : 0,00 – 2,10 – 5,1 0

-         Fixed stage 8,00m deep x around 12, 00m wide x 0,80m it

-         Platforms to extend the stage : about 10 platforms 2,00m x 1,00m

-         Seats : 5 steeps of 35cms it x 0,80 m deep

-         Carpet on floor between steeps and stage

-         Lit bridges :  about 8

-         Pillows

-         Boxes to built walls :

Walls surface about 500m²

Number of boxes 1,00 x 1,00 x 0,30 (or 20cm) about 500 (Around 1000Kg)

Fibreglass 150m3

Time to prepare all the boxes and to fixed it : minimum 4 students 40 hours,

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