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Publié par Jean-Guy Lecat

In 1982/83 with the architect Roger Morgan (Philippe Lorimy who made the Bouffes's new seats came also with me), I start to transform the "New Amsterdam Theatre Roof" in 42nd street New York (Near Time square). These transformations were project to play "La Tragedie de Carmen" directed by Peter Brook. The Nederlander Organisation and Alexander Cohen Production were the producer.

For several raisons this very interesting project was abandoned in July 1983. Most of the work was done at that date and it's still there.

In August 1983 I have to go back to New York and try to find an other place. I visited about 200 spaces possible in Manhattan most were not possible and the others were in dangerous area, so the general manager of the A. Cohen production, Roy Somloy, suggest to do the play in Lincoln Centre Vivian Beaumont Theatre who was at that moment still dark after the last director Joseph Papp left. We play in Vivian Beaumont Theatre from 24th of October 1983 to the 28 of April 1984.
(All the details of the transformation of The Vivian Beaumont Theatre are in my book : The Open Circle)


Soon I will show some plan I did for this theatre and some photos







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