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Publié par Jean-Guy Lecat


                           Paris                                  University of Paris III. G. Banu (Conference published).





                                                                                Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord. Cycles of conferences for different schools of theatre : Academy of Theater in Munich , E.N.S.A.T.T Lyon., University Paris III, University Politecnica de Catalogne, Centro Universitario teatrale du Politecnico de Milano .





                                     1995 Jerusalem              Conference at Jerusalem Festival « 20 years of work with P.Brook ».




                                    1996 Avignon                   Conferences at I.S.T.S.




                                    1997 Avignon                   Conferences at I.S.T.S.





                                    1997 Venice                      Conferrence at I.A.U.D. « Spaces of P.Brook ». (conference published).




                                    1998 Avignon                   Conferences at I.S.T.S.





                                    1998 Venice                     Conference at I.A.U.D. « Venice Arsenal visits ». (Conference published).




                                    1999 Milano                     Conference for the students of Academy des beaux Arts.





                                    1999 Milano                     Pallazzo della Triennale  : « Forme dei luoghi e degli spazi per il teatro del prossimo millennio »





                                    1999 Avignon                   Conferences at I.S.T.S.





                                    1999 Venice                      Conference at I.A.U.D. «The Passage, the Doors and The Proscenium Arch».





                                    1999 Jerusalem              Conference  « 25 years of work with P.Brook » Jerusalem Festival.





                                    1999 London                     « The empty space and after » National theatre. “Black box or not black box” organised by architects and consultants. (Conferences published).





                                    1999 Tokyo                      Public debate with Japanese architects about Theatre space in Tokyo today.





                                    1999 Strasbourg            Conference at National Theater School of Strasbourg .




                                    2000 Lisbon                      “The theatre and its space” (2000) public debate with architects and Theatre directors.





                                    2000 Avignon                   Conferences I.S.T.S.




                                    2001Jerusalem              Conference at Jerusalem University “A space for peter Brook”.





                                    2001 New York                Conferences at Columbia University , Fordham School and SUNY University NY state.





                                    2001 Avignon                   Conferences at I.S.T.S.




                                    2002 Avignon                   Conferences at I.S.T.S.

                                                                                President of jury : promotion des director’s techniques 2002.





                                    2002 Barcelona              Several conferences at the University of Cataluna .





                                    2002 London                    Do found spaces offer creative freedom” and “The role of the consultant”, Theatre Engineering and Architecture International symposium in London .  (Conferences published).





                                    2002 Dublin                       Symposium “Witch Theatre today”.





                                    2002 Montréal                 Conferences at McGill University and Université du Québec .




                                    2003 Lisbon                      « After the Masters what ? » public debate with: L. Pasqual, M. Simonot, E. Vasques, L.M. Cintrat , J. Benite. (Debates published).

                                                                                              Conference at the Architecture school.





                                    2003 Barcelona              Several conferences at the Architecture University of Cataluna.





                                    2003 Dublin                       Conference and discussion about the theatre space today.





                                    2003 Avignon                   Conferences at I.S.T.S.  





                                    2003 Montréal                 Theatre school.





                                    2003 Hengelo (Holande) Jury for the OISTAT architecture competition 2003. Exhibitions in Prague .





                                    2003 New york                Conference at SUNY N.Y. State University and Columbia University in New York .





                                    2003 Prague                   Opening conference at the quadrennial of OISTAT international  congress.





                                    2003 Antwerp                  Conference for actors, directors, designers, technicians from the broader theatre field in a Holland and scenography academies.





                                               2004 Barcelona              Conferences at the University of Cataluna .





                                   2004 Verdal ( )                Conference in theatre school april 2004.





                                 2004 Fontainebleau      Lecture and jury for young American Architects.





                                    2004                                  Lecture at OISTAT World congress meeting.





                                    2004 Reggio Emilia      Debat




            2005 Toronto                  Keynote Adress at 2005 OISTAT World congress meeting

                                                  Conferences at the USITT :

                                                      - Creating the Scenic World of Peter Brook ,

                                                     - Breaking the proscenium,

                                                     - Collaboration in Lighting design an international View,

                                                     - J-G. Lecat bring students into his open circle.



                                    2005 New  York             Conference at New York University .     



            2005 Porto                      Conference about What to do withTheatre architecture from the past in February.





            2005 Lisboa                  Conference at Architecture University .





            2005 Sao Paolo            Conference at FNAC.

                                                     Conference at Alliance Française.





            2005 Rio de Janeiro      Conference public “Peter Brook spaces”.





            2005 Reggio Emilia       Debat





            2005 Avignon                President of Jury.





            2005 Barcelona           Conference about the restauration of theatre.





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