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Publié par Jean-Guy Lecat


As assistant of C. Perset : 
- 1965 Et moi aussi j'existe, Saint Euloge de Cordoue,
directed by B. Genny.

- 1966 A Menphis Il y a un Homme d'une Force prodigieuse,

The Soft, by Dostoïevski 1970

Woyzeck by G. Buchner, Montage about Buchner, The Tutor, by J.Lenz, The Cat, by L. Tieck, Exception and the Rule, by B. Brecht, directed by W. Mehring.

L’homme qui rie by V. Hugo (lights) directed Y. Gasc.

As assistant of H. Guillemard for Quichotte by Cervantes,

Ballets, by S. Keuten,

1978 As assistant of A. Acquart for "Julius Cesar" by Shakespeare, directed by G. Rétoré

Don Juan, by Molière, director M. Bénichou

The Mandibules, by Calafert, Who is Anna Marks, director H. Guillemard,
With Peter Brook director 1976-2000 : Iks,  la Conférence des oiseaux, Ubu aux Bouffes, Mesure pour Mesure,  Carmen,  L'os, La Tragédie de Carmen, Tadada, Tchin Tchin, Mahabharata, Cherry Orchard, Woza Albert, The Tempest, Impressions de Pelleas, Qui est là, The man Who,
Le phénomène, Le Costume,
Transformation of 200spaces in 165 cities to received all the 16 productions create in "The Theatre of Bouffes du Nord" since 1974
Les Caprices de Marianne By A. de Musset, directed by L. Wilson.
The Tempest by W. Shakespeare , director F. Marthouret
Le loup by and direct by M. Pascal
One Season at the Middle Ages and Titanic, directed by M. Pascal
L'Iliade by Homère with Kathakali company directed by R. Tremblay in Singapour.

R. Tremblay “Himalaya ballet", lighting) director R. Tremblay

2004 Der Theatermacher (O Fazedor de Teatro), by T. Bernhard, director J. Benite  

2005 Othello by W. Shakespeare, director J. Benite

2005 Titus Andronicus by W. Shakespeare, director S. Cartmell.
Quarto Minguante by R. Francisco directed by J. Benite
2007 Oedipus by Sophocles. Set costumes
and direction by
          Jean-Guy Lecat

2008 Macbeth by W. Shakespeare, director S. Cartmell.
2008 Timon of Athens by Shakespeare/F.Sena, directed by J. Benite


Set and Costumes

Miss July by A. Strindberg, (and lighting) director J.C. Corazza
Mary’s Story by Brassaï, (and lighting), directed by M. Bénichou
2006 Collected Stories (Vidas Publicadas) by D. Margulies
(and lighting) directed by M. Haufrecht

.  ????       Play directed by Mario Trigo

2008 The Caucasian Circle by B. Brecht, director Oriol Broggi
2008 The Longer Kiss, (and lighting) by J. Halle, director L. Vik


Carmen by G. Bizet director A. Bourseillé.

Woyzeck by A. Berg, Director A. Bourseillé.
Vienna Waltz by Offenbach.

Teresa by Marius Constant directed by M. Constant.
La Périchole by Offenbach, director A. Bourseillé

2007 Mahagonny by B. Brecht and K. Weihl   directed by M. Gas.
" Tre Intermezzi" by Cimarosa-Capua-Cherubini, Directed by S. Mazzonis
2008 Le Mariage secret by Cimarosa Directed S. Mazzonis
2008 The Clemens of Titus by W.A.
Mozart. Directed J. Benite.
2008 Il Barbieri de Seviglia by Rossini directed by S. Mazzonis

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