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Some year ego the city of Madrid decided to transform the sheds of the old slaughter house abandoned. Alicia Moreno Espert responsible for the culture in city, ask me to make a program for the last 4 buildings that still not have destination at that time. One of the 4 had a different style as it was build recently. The other 3 was suppose to be one for music, one for dance and the last one for theatre. But the proximity of the building makes this idea difficult as the acoustic question. The building was too close to each other to be able to have high sound activities at same time. After one year discussion I made a program in that way : the smaller building will be the entrance of the public with a bar and seats for cabaret or small music before or after the play. The second one will be a flexible space for theatre and the last one will be turning to small theatre, school rehearsal room, administration and dressing rooms. During that time the buildings was restore outside and got a new roof.

The city decided to give the direction of this three space to the Teatro español (Mario Gas director) as a second main space but more flexible.

In the program I suggest that kind of political way of transformation : Simplicity, no restoration of the building inside, cheap transformation, temporary construction adds (Scaffoldings), be able to open soon as possible, program for other transformation in future, nothing that block possible new ideas in future.


We have transformed the first building completely to have nice lobby, a small stage and a café.

The connection between the first buildings to the second one was done with temporary scaffolding and contains the toilettes and cloak.

The second building was transform with some permanent and temporary techniques. Bridges, grill, permanent wall, concrete floor etc…

We have two sorts of seats. One permanent central one who can be push and some other elements for about 200 seats that can be build in many different ways.

The third building was temporary transform for dressing room and small administration.


In fourth building I had the project to turn it to a fresh space for summer with plants and fountains. Like the Arabic tradition very well done in Spain in past. I suggest that as the all space except the main entrance have not trees any shadow and concrete floor everywhere. The reflections of the sun on concrete make space in between warehouse not very comfortable and not friendly.

The city prefers to destroy this building and create a stupid concrete slab.

Today most of the building are finish and the Hall for the music did with water and plants exactly what I suggest years ago. Fortunately the city gave this space to Red Bull Company who has asked a cleaver architect to do that.



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