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                   Realisations from July 2000 (date where I stop my
                          collaboration with Peter Brook Company).



§     July 2000 I leave the CICT and Peter Brook after almost 25 years of collaboration. I decided to develop by myself what I had experiment with Peter Brook and the transformation of about 200 spaces through 165 cities.


2001 / 2003

§     In collaboration with the architect Andrew Todd :

-         Project to rebuilt « The Other Space Theatre / Royal Shakespeare Company» in Stadford on Avon,

-         Creation of a new space for the « Théâtre Ouvert » in Paris,

-         Transformation of the « Young Vic Theatre » architect Steve Tompkings (Winner of the RIBA London building of the year Award). Opening in September 2006.  

§     Set, costumes and lights of “Miss July” by Strindberg, directed by Juan Carlos Corazza in Madrid.

§     Set in paper for “Himalaya Ballet” by Richard Tremblay, choreography Richard Tremblay in Montréal, 

           §         Workshops :    - 2000 Feb. Montréal, July Cagliary, July Spoleto, Oct. Madrid, 
                        - 2001 jan. Milano, April Madrid, May Dresden, July Lisbon Spoleto, September Buenos
                       Aires, Nov. New York, dec. Salzburg.

                        - 2002 May Bahrain, July Madrid Spoleto, oct. Montreal, Oct. Barcelona.
                        - 2003 March Barcelona Madrid, April New York, June Cap town, July Madrid Spoleto,    

             August Dublin, Sept. Buenos Aires 


§     Program for the transformation and extension of the old “Teatro Da Trindade” (19th century).

§     Workshops : - February Avignon, April Barcelona, October Barcelona.


§     Set of Der Theatermacher by T. Bernhard, directed by Joaquim Benite in Lisbone (Best play of the year in Portugal).

§     Transformation of the Garden of Hôtel de Rohan (Historical monument from 17th century) in Paris, and set up of stage and 2000 seats for the San Francisco Ballet.

§     Set, costumes and lights of Collected Stories by D. Margulies, directed by Marcia in Lisbon.

§     Program for the transformation of “Naves del Antiguo Mataderos” 3 building from an old slaughterhouse in Madrid.

§     Set of Titus Andronicus by Shakespeare in Dublin, directed by Selina Cartmell (Winner of the best play of the year in Dublin).

§     Workshops : - January Madrid   Antwerp, Feb. Avignon,  April Barcelona, May Paris, July,

     Fontainebleau,  Sept. São Paulo  Rio De Janeiro, Oct. Barcelona, Nov. Dublin.


§     Transformation of the Garden of Hôtel de Rohan (Historical monument from 17th century) in Paris. Set up of stage and 2000 seats for the for Alvin Ailey Company.

§     With architects M. G. Dias and partners construction of a new theatre in Lisbon. The “Nuevo Teatro d’Almada” opens in July 2006.

§     Transformation of an old factory to a theatre, theatre school, and studio in Verdal Norway. The “Tindved” open in spring 2006.

§     January 2006 Set of “Othello” by Shakespeare in Lisbon (Best play of the year in Portugal).

§     2000/ 2006 with architects J. McAslan and Partners transformation of the “The Round House in London. Opening July 2006.

§     Set, costumes and lights for the Teatrofocus Company. Directed by Mario Trigo in Lisbon.

§     Workshops : - Jan. Antwerp, Feb. Pittsburgh Toledo New York San Francisco San Diego, March Avignon, April Helsinki, May Barcelona, June Sibiu Romania, July Fontainebleau Spoleto, Oct. Kalyani, Calcutta, Oct. Pistoia.


§     With the architect project to transform an old 17th century carpentry into a Cultural Center Teatro Blue” in Pistoia Italy.

§     Set of Quarto Minguante” by Rodrigo Francisco, directed by Joaquim Benite in Teatro Municipal de Almada Lisbon.

§     With architect John Keogan transformation of the Abbey Theatre National Theatre of Dublin. Opening in April 2007.

§     Set of Mahagonny Opera” by Brecht in Madrid, directed by Mario Gas, (Won the MAX Award - Best Musical Show of the year in Spain)

§     Transformation of the Grand Palais for Ballet de Cuba in Paris;

§     Realisation of the Scenofest Theatre in Prague. Scaffolding for the structure and “bicycle-cardboard-boxes” (about 500) with fibre glass in it, for the walls.

§     Direction, music, set and costumes of Oedipus by Sophocles in Koomin University in Seoul Korea.

§     Set of 3 Operas “Il Maestro di Capella” by D. Cimarosa, “La Zingara” by R. Da Capua and “Il Giocatore” by L. Cherubini, directed by Stefano Mazzonis di Palafera in Liege.

§     Adaptation of the set of Der Theatermacher” by T. Bernhard to be play in Centro Cultural de Bellem in Lisbon.

§     Workshops : - January Antwerp Madrid, Feb. Murcia, March High Wycombe Avignon, June Prague Sibiu Romania, July Fontainebleau, August/Sept. Seoul, Nov. Taipei.



·     Set and costumes of “Le Cercle de Craie Caucasian” by B. Brecht, directed by Oriol.

·     Set of Opera «The Clemens of Titus» by A. Mozart in Teatro San Carlos Lisbon.

·     Set of the opera “Il Matrimonio Segreto” by D. Cimarosa, directed by Stefano Mazzonis di  Pralafera in Liège.

·     2005/2008 with architects Frank O. Gehry and Hugh Hardy, projet for a new theatre in Brooklyn N.Y. for the company Theatre for a New Audience”.

·         Set, light and costumes for "The Longer Kiss" by Jesper Halle, directed by Lars Vik, in Verdal Norway. The set (40 different scenes in about 30 spaces) is essentially a transformation of a theatre space, which is a factory I had transform into theatre 3 years ago.
Workshops : - July Cardiff, Sep, Oct. Nov. Seoul



§     Set costumes and lights for "O Vendedor de Elogios" by M. Simonot and directed M. Simonot.

§     Program for the transformation of the theatre space of ArCub in Bucharest.

§     Set of "The Mother By Bertolt Brecht directed by J. Benite.

§     First step (of three in 3 years) of the transformation of the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona.

§     Jury for project of transformation of an old Caravanserai in Bucharest.

§     Opening of the “The Funario-Teatro Blue” in Pistoïa Italy.
Workshops : - June Sibiu, July Columbia University, New York city, August Cardiff, Fontainebleau.



§     Set, costumes and lights for "Uma Visita Inoportuna" by Copi, directed by Philippe Boulet.

§     Competition for transformation of building from 17th century into a Rostropovich opera school.







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